Winter holidays in Bukovel

Rest in Bukovel in the winter will be for you the most amazing and unforgettable. Due to the successful location of the mountains you will not be afraid of cold and winds. And this means that you can safely go for a walk, ride on snow-covered slopes on skis, snowboards, visit a skating rink and much more. But let’s start in order.

The ski resort of Bukovel itself is replete with the number and variety of trails, the total length of which reaches 50 km. This means that you will, where to walk! All tracks are equipped with modern technology and lifts, are illuminated in the dark and are available for conquering beginners, professionals.

Food stations are located near each lift (tow, chair, multi-lift). Here you can refresh yourself and continue your active feats on the slopes. And it’s not a problem if you have never been skiing. Thanks to the instructors of the specialized school, who will discover the basics of this sport, you will quickly learn skiing and get ahead of your friends.

As entertainment and recreation, you can choose a trip to the snow park. In winter, this specially equipped playground, designed for skiing and snowboarding, is equipped with figures that need to be skilfully skirted. Be sure that under the strict guidance of the instructor you will be able to master the most simple and complex tricks of skiing.

Do not ignore the ride on snowbikes. This entertainment will conquer your heart and will allow you to master the most diverse styles of riding, to combine a minimum of danger and a maximum of extreme.

Interesting for you will be exciting walks on dog sleds. The route for driving is usually laid along forest paths, where you will see picturesque landscapes of the winter Carpathian forest. Admire the local beauties and peaks of the mountains and you can on a snowmobile, which with comfort and drive will take you to anywhere in the mountains.

But if you like ice skates, then it’s worth to visit the ice rink in Bukovel. The perfectly flat surface of the ice will allow you, along with your family and friends, to check the coordination of your movements and test yourself for dexterity.

We have told you only about some of the entertainments that will be available to you in Bukovel in the winter. Come to our hotel “Anet” and enjoy every type of holiday.