Summer holidays in Bukovel

The popularity of the ski resort Bukovel is growing every year. And today it has become fashionable to visit it not only in winter, but also in summer. The local places in the summer are as beautiful as in the winter.

Having arrived here, you will see amazing and picturesque corners of nature, which still did not touch the hand of man. The tops of mountains smoothly turn into bright green valleys, and fast and noisy rivers make their way between rocks and ravines. In warm weather, you can stroll through the mountains, go hiking through the Carpathian slopes to see unusual waterfalls, streams of clear rivers and to collect curative water from mountain springs. In addition, in the summer they can also be bought, checked for a health-improving, rejuvenating effect of Carpathian sources.

Fans of extreme sports can go swimming in kayaks, catamarans or inflatable boats. Local forests are rich in berries, mushrooms, so when landing on shore, do not miss the opportunity to collect a bowl of vitamin delicacies.

Going to Bukovel, do not forget to visit the chic bike trails. Here you will get the real pleasure of riding a bicycle, holding your breath for a while and breathing a sigh of relief at the end of the race. You can rent bicycles here for adults and children, which are available until the evening. For tourists like you here specially developed small routes through the resort or organize full-fledged tours to nearby cities.

Will delight you and horseback riding in the vast expanses of the Carpathians. Communication with intelligent and kind animals will give you a lot of unforgettable emotions and will have a beneficial effect on the whole organism. Using the services of an instructor, you will be instructed, master the basic techniques of riding and try yourself as a rider. On the horse you can see the beauty of the surrounding landscapes: forests, mountains, rivers and feel the true closeness to nature.

Well, if you are a true lover of extreme sports, then study the local beauties of Bukovel on ATVs. Manage this passable SUV and simultaneously maneuverable motorcycle is easy, so after a briefing you can go on specially designed routes. Some of them are equipped with springboards, they pass along steep slopes and mountain serpentines. It is here that you will feel the speed of the ride and will truly enjoy the new victory on the mountain slopes. It is here that you will feel the speed of the ride and will truly enjoy the new victory on the mountain slopes.

More in detail about each kind of rest, and also other entertainments of a mountain-skiing resort you can learn already on a place. And we invite you to settle in our villa “Anet”, in order to comfortably get to Bukovel.